Party Form Terms and Conditions
Welcome to our party form.
please read through our Disclaimer carefully.
I, in my capacity as parent/guardian of the minor child, do hereby acknowledge and agree:-

1. I am aware of the conditions and risks associated with participation in the aforesaid activity/ies, which are impossible to eliminate by even the most prudent and careful planning and conduct of Playfit and/or the members, employees or agents of Playfit.

2. Playfit have agreed to the participation of the minor children in such activities upon and in terms of the following conditions, to which I hereby agree.

3. I warrant that the child is in a fit state of mental and physical health to withstand all of the physical conditions and risks associated with his/her participation in the aforesaid activity/ies.I warrant further that the minor child is not suffering from any pre-existing condition which may be aggravated by exposure to such conditions and risks. Or which increase the risk of his/her sustaining any injury or contracting any illness while participating in such activity/ies.

4. Neither Playfit, nor any member, employee or agent of Playfit, shall be in any way liable for injury, loss or damage to persons or property sustained by the child during the course of the activity. I hereby indemnify Playfit and its members, employees or agents against all and any claims, which I or the child may have against any of them arising from any of the causes aforesaid.
I have read, agree to and accept the Terms & Conditions, Disclaimer & Indemnity.